Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another One Gone

Since it looks like I’ve got some time off, I guess there’s no excuse for me to not be writing. And since I’m not working there’s no reason why I can’t be reading the news and finding interesting things to write about.
Why is it whenever someone in Israel makes a bold move and tries to create a middle of the road government that is willing to reach out for compromise they die? First it was Yitzak Rabin being gunned down for trying to make peace; and now Sharon has a brain hemorrhage right before he’s about to campaign for his new centrist party. Is Dick Cheney behind this? Is Syriana really true?
I am a firm believer that if we want peace in the world, we need to start in the Middle East. If those guys can find a way to lay down the guns, then everyone should be willing to lay ‘em down.
But what is the reality of the Middle East, or mankind for that matter? We need war, it’s one of the ways we die and keep the cycles of life going. There’s disease, there’s murder, there’s accidents, there’s natural causes, and there’s war. It’s a natural part of our lives and it’s something I’m afraid is here to stay.
But you have to admit that there’s something so symbolic about the Middle East, right? The birthplace of three of our major religions. The home to Abraham, Jesus, and Allah. I believe that the concept of I am my brother’s keeper and swords into plowshares was born in this neck of the woods.
And for three thousand years it’s been the site of most of man’s most vicious wars. Gotta love those crazy Semites, they love to war it up. And now the land of love has taught us all about terrorism.
So what’s the point? I think that the movie Syriana has it right. I think the U.S. and its oil baron clients like turmoil in the Middle East. It’s why GWB refuses to really try and make a dent in what’s going on over there. And it’s why no American president has ever truly finished what they started. Did you hear me Jimmy Carter?
Another on bites the dust. Ariel Sharon you will be missed. It was nice to see a real hawk find a way to move to the middle and want to make a difference in the world, not just to help a certain group of people get rich. Are listening Mr. Bush?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Feel So Cheap

Wow, this blog thing has really been hard. How do people do it, every day, day in and day out? It’s amazing to me. And they find time to read the internet and other people’s blogs and link articles and fun facts to their writing. It’s really amazing.
So I thought I would take the time and write something with a bit of research behind it. I mean, why not, if I’m going to be a professional blogger, or at least a good amateur. In my reading this evening I found something that really disturbed me. There is a new tax cut coming down the pipe this year and I don’t get to have any. And it looks like most of you won’t get to have it either.
Now I know that people who make more than a million dollars are more important than we are and they work hard for all they get. How do I know this, it must be true because our president loves them so and they seem to really love him back. But to give them all those tax breaks and to make the rest of us foot the bill. Well that is just downright un-neighborly.
I’m not going to go on and on about this. What’s done is done. We will cut the programs to help the poor. We can make it tougher for public schools to get funding and easier for private religious schools. Heck, we can make it a crime to be homeless. But can’t we please just get this idiot out of the White House and give the congress back to people who really care?
There's one more thing that I read today that really bummed me out. I got my latest Time magazine and they have a quote from John McCain from an interview from an appearance on MTV where he actually came out in defense of intelligent design! Basically he said that the students should decide what they learn. If that’s not the biggest piece of hypocrisy ever then I’m not a slow white guy. I used to really like John McCain; I thought he was one of the real down to earth level headed guys. I guess I am wrong.