Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just woke up

And there was nothing on this thing for four months. If one is going to be a blogger then you have to pay attention. One can't look at there blog and see it empty day after day and not do anything about it. Know matter how often I try it, procrastination doesn't work. Neither does avoidance.

So I'm a terrorist. Am I now relieved that they won't be torturing me in the secret CIA prison I'm being carted to? Do these people really give a rats ass? And when did this put us on the moral spiral staircase? We're so far in the mud it's ridiculous. The entire world is against us and we don't seem to care. Or at least everyone right of Ariana Huffington. These are really sad and scary times to be an American. We are consistently repeating mistakes and not seeing it. What's the difference between the Roman Empire and ours? Not much.

I'm going to take a dump. Because that's how I fight terrorism.