Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pumping Greenbacks

O.K. I see how this blog thing works. You write a few pages and then you forget, then you’re too busy or too tired. Then the Laker game is on. Then you start telling yourself that no one’s reading it anyway and what’s the point. And isn’t that just what the man wants.
Ahnold is hoping that all the left-leaning voters won’t show up for his special election. He’s hoping that they’ll think it was a bad idea and just skip it all together. Then the rest of his Republican Task Force Five can take over the polls, stuff the boxes, and turn California into a really great place to be rich.
I mean what do these measures do except push more people down. Meanwhile, has he become just the most transparent, arrogant, psycho ever? He lied to us when he ran for governor. Has made no bones about taking money from anyone with money and power. Hasn’t done one thing to directly help anyone below CFO and just doesn’t think that we know what’s going on.
It’s the classic GWB: if I say it then it’s true. That’s the one thing I hate about the internet, if it’s written somewhere then it could possibly be true. Ahnold really wants what’s best for all of us. His measures really aren’t meant to put more pressure on the working class, the under-privileged and under-educated. Our teachers and firemen and policemen and nurses and prison guards don’t know what is to suffer. If we pass these initiatives they will.
Maybe Ahnold will just forget to show up for work one day and give us all a break. There is a Laker game on.