Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm embarrassed

I'm embarrassed by the society we've created. The top stories on CBS Action News in Los Angeles tonight were:
1. Brittany Spears driving with her child in the seat with her
2. A Channel 2 exclusive: the girl who had her gold chain ripped off of her neck yesterday in front of the grocery store.

And that's when I turned it off. I can't take it anymore. We sit here in our million dollar two bedroom homes in Beverly Hills adjacent with our heads in the sand. We fiddle while Rome burns. We float placidly down de-nile. Whatever you want to call it we are missing the issues that are right under out noses.
It's amazing to me that we are so afraid of the big bad world that we are really more interested in how shaving our legs can kill us than the fact that people are dying in Iraq. We are willing to sell out all the things we've created here to make everyone's life better to ensure that we don't have gay marriage. Who someone fucks is more important to the majority of us than stealing, robbing, and international arrogance.
Remember the depression? Remember what happened to the world? Probably not, cause most Americans don't give a rat's ass about history; but it wasn't fun for about 90 percent of the population. That was the last time we had an ownership society. Is that what we want today?
I pray that we tune in to what's really going on in Washington before it's too late and all the aspirin in the world won't save us.